Hay guys,,,, 

A few days ago I visited one of the attractions along my friends, sich goal to unwind hihihihihi
So of the atmosphere that I'm bored with it wrote better we have fun,,, it's right????
I'm happy to be hanging out with my friends
Together..... :)

I'm with my friends been to Taman Sari, one tourist attraction in Yogyakarta....
If you're into Yogyakarta please visit Taman Sari :)

I am sure, you would want to know my actions were right next ...

So please look at this...... hahahhaah !!!

The first action, such as a professional model ya ...... hahhaha

My second action,,,,, :p

While there I found a bunch of Dandelion,,,, AMAZING !!!
Love is all the creatures that exist on earth we will have loved the creatures in the heavens.... hahhahahaha

With my friends.... :) nice picture.... !!!

"A friend will fill your shortcomings is not your strong suit. And in the sweetness of friendship, let there laughter joy, shared sorrow and joy. Because the soft patter of dew, the dawn of the human heart awoke inhale, and get a fresh passion for life"

So, enjoy your Life,,, friends :)


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