What Blossoms Say....

Need to tell your crush how much you adore him or her? Or too proud to say you're sorry? Let flowers do the talking. A picture may paint a thounsand words, but flowers speak volumes....

The us of flowers to communicate feeling was all the age in early nineteenth century Europe. Sending secret massages using certain flowers and arrangements became a favorite pastime in the Victorian era. Dictionaries on the meanings of flowers were written, becoming a must-have for lovers.

Blossoming Lotus "I still Love You"
Cactus "Our love shall endure"
China Aster "I will think of thee"
Geranium "Your true friend"
Orange Lila "I hate you"

White Rosebud "I'm too young to love"

Sweet Pea "I'm sorry, i must leave"

Yello Tulip "There's sunshine in your smile"

Purple Hyacinth "Please forgive me"

Red Balsam "Touch me not!"

Rhododendron "I am dangerous"
Striped carnation "Sorry, I can't be with you"

Poisonous Monkshood "Beware! Danger is near" 
Flowerina Dogwood " Am I indifferent to you" 

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